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Talent Crowdsourcing Made Easy

What is Talent Crowdsourcing

Talent Crowdsourcing is taking your communal knowledge and applying it to your talent pipeline.

WorkSage has created a tool that allows an organization to leverage targeted communities to find the best talent for their organization while reducing administrative burden and cost.

Employee Referral Processing

WorkSage understands that a strong brand brings a strong employee referral pipeline. While everyone understands that employee referrals make the best candidates, the burden of finding the best candidates in a mountain of paper makes even the most efficient recruiter a bit crazy.

WorkSage reduces to time and cost to the best talent by:

External Sourcing

Many companies still rely on third party recruiters and external sources such as universities and vocational schools to fill their talent pipeline. While ultimately effective, this increases the cost and administrative burden on a company unnecessarily.

External Recruiters

External recruiters prove their value by attracting passive talent which is valuable to every company. Many of these candidates are sourced by recruiters working through their network and getting referrals to target. Everyone wins... except you pay a huge fee and the referral source gets a pat on the back. Using the WorkSage platform allows a company to build communities of referral sources over time that can feed great candidate directly to your organization without the cost of agencies.

University/Technical Relations

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